Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It is often heard that 'It's the little things in life...' that make up life's great, positive moments. And this is true. All of life's tiny packages seem to add up to that one huge cargo box. The shy quiet new girl in school turns into the best friend of 15 years. The sweet smile of a co worker turns into a world of romance. And it's all those little, precious moments that bring you to the big present.

It's also the 'Little things in life...' that cause us great stress, even more than maybe the bigger situations. It's the overdue library books, that keep reminding you that they are over due by sitting on the coffee table, and you say to yourself "I'll return those tomorrow after work." Or that $1.60 road toll that you have to pay, but your license plate information is outside so you say to your self "Next time I'm outside, I'll write it down." Things as little as the laundry basket slowly taking over your closet, and you telling yourself "On my day off..." Scenarios like these seem to sprout up everywhere and just as quick as weeds. Before you know it, your stress and anxiety level is through the roof. You feel that you're buried underground, and just letting all the weeds accumulate, until your Self garden is taken over. You begin to lose sleep, constantly thinking about the to do list that you have to get done, tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, and the cycle continues. You make up excuses as to why you can't accomplish these small tasks. "I'm tired.", "It's my day off, I just want to relax." or the most popular "I'll do it later".

This the root to my anxiety. The root of my weeds. I procrastinate. I make up excuses. I stress out. In reality, it would only take me minutes to complete any of these tasks. I need to be not lazy! And, just as it has happened time and time before, when I accomplish these 'Little things' I feel that much better. I feel great. I have a sense of accomplishment, and can sleep soundly at night. So why don't I just do these little tasks when they creep up? Why don't I pull these weeds when they sprout? Beats me.

So I'm making an effort to conquer these weeds out of my life as soon as they crop of, instead of waiting till my Self garden is overrun. I want my Self garden to flourish with bountiful fruits and veggies, and with calm and contentment. I want my flowers to grow.

Picture taken by my Wonderful cousin Allyssa, on her 2nd vacation to the lower 48, to visit me:)

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  1. I hear ya, Sarah! Those teeny little things (as insignificant as they are in the scheme of a life!) do pile up and I often find myself tossing and turning at night, feeling unproductive because there are still so many 'fluttering' around my head. My journals are filled with moanings and laments because I am am not productive or organized.

    Good news! I have finally - just recently - come to accept that I am simply not structured or rigid. I am organized, but in my OWN way, which is not necessarily the accepted way. I still manage to meet my commitments and get my work done - I may take the long and winding way around, but I still make progress...and truth be told...if I was regimented about the way I did it, I'd be totally unhappy and feeling stifled.

    PS: I like your blog name (musings), which is one of the themes of my blog as well. Thanks for dropping in...keep that stack of books to read growing!