Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I remember

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Photo byvalaokole

In the style of Joe Brainard's memoir;

I remember meeting you for the first time. I remember looking at you as if we were bosom buddies of old. I remember your secret invitation. I remember you welcomed me in, no reservations. I remember being barefoot on your castle. I remember the smoothness of your touch. I remember the intoxicating smells or your reign. I remember the sounds of your serfs and servants. I remember the sweet surrender, under my childish feet. I remember your patience was as long as you are old.

My own forest realm.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I was going to vent today about people getting out what they put in, and then complaining as to why they didn't receive greater compensation...but I won't. My spirit was moved, and I danced. All my negative feelings fled, and replaced by positive vibes. Distant memories and lives spun around me, and I spun with them.

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Something about summer time, picnic food, and music that just sends me back. I put in my Janis Jopin, and Grateful Dead CDs, cranked up the music, and was wowed by the transformation it had on my disposition. It was as if I was taken back in time to the 1960s where life was much MUCH simpler. I was dancing like a fool in my living room, lip syncing lyrics to the boy. His only participation was sitting on the couch and smiling at me, at my merriment. For a brief moment, I was in awe over the simplicity of my life.

Home cooked meal. Just music for entertainment. Surrounded by the ones I love. Sunlight and stillness beaming through the open doors and windows.

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Today, for no reason, my soul soared, and I soared with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Air Striking Nasties

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Thinking about going out on another hike this afternoon. This time, solo since the boy is working over time. Side note: The boy wasn't suppose to work over time this evening when plans to hike were roughly drawn, but he volunteered anyway. Overtime is good though, more money I suppose, so not too disappointed.

Anyway, with it being a couple days into summer, the nasties are out in full force in the forest. You know, the gnats, flies, and the king of cooties, the MISQUITO! How irritating is it to hear that high pitch buzzing in your ear. It's almost like a terrible horror movie. You know the bad guy is out there somewhere, but you don't know where, till it's too late, STAB! In this case, stabbed by a needle like mouth.

Here's a green, chemical free bug repellent that works like a charm from bugs, not scary movie mad men.

2 table spoons of witch hazel
10 or so drops of Dr. Bronner's Castile Almond.

Mix it in a glass phial or something like.
Shake it up. It will bubble a bit, then calm down.
Wipe it all over your bare parts. I use my hands and just scoop up the solution and rub in.

Enjoy the freedom of nasty, itching bug bites.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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I've wanted to post soo much that past few weeks. I have a steady stream of ideas that thoughts that run wildly threw my brain, that I want to share, but, BUT I have no photos. It's always nice to take a picture of your thought, or at least, a picture of what you're thinking of. I would usually take photos with my Android phone, but I don't have it anymore.

Trying to cut monthly costs for more important spending, I down graded to a feature phone. With the boy and I both doing that, it saves us $60.00 a month. That's what...$720.00 a year! That's a lotta mula to me. I sold my Android and grabbed a Samsung Reality. It has a 3.2 mega pixel camera, which was something I was looking for in a phone, and takes movies, a whole 30 seconds of, but none the less.

For the past week, I have been loading my phones memory with photos. I don't have an SD card yet. The SD card that I do have doesn't fit until I buy an adapter. The other day, I tried uploading my pictures from my phone onto my computer, only to find out THAT I NEED THE FREAKIN ADAPTER FOR THE SD CARD! How dumb!!!!!

So that's where I am. I now am limited to using photobucket for images, because an entry without images, is well, kinda boring. So until further notice, all images on the blog are from photobucket, unless otherwise stated.

Thanks for reading my rant.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Smelling the Memories


Smells, stinks, perfumes, whatever your fancy be, the smells around you are very powerful. They bring on their tide, a flow of memory. Studies have shown that smells are a powerful trigger to memory.

Yesterday on my hike, I couldn't help, but be swept off my feet by the sweet smells of the forest. I tread the trail, and stopped to take deep, somber inhale of my surroundings. I opened my eyes, and could almost see the little girl, with hair flying wild, leaping and bounding through the woods, chasing a toadie or a rabbit. I closed my eyes again, and a faint laughter could be heard echoing on the brim of the present and past.

I smiled and walked on.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Let's Get FREAKED!

A hometown native has created a revolutionary drink coozy using recycled materials, that will fit ANY DRINK CONTAINER! But he needs your help. Check out the video below to get more involved.

Check out the kickstarter website, and if you feel freaked, make a pledge.