Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo Give Away

One of the blogs that I frequent is having a photo give away! Her perspectives are amazing. And the way she ties in words and thoughts into some of her work, bring life and meaning to the piece.

Folks, may I introduce to you Alexis Yael. You can also view Alexis's work at her Etsy shop here.

Oh, and here's a picture of my long lost duck, Chauncey. He is forever missed.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Easy Breazy...

...lemon squeazy. It feels like summer's already knocking on my door! The grass is green, birds are chirping, and it's 80 freakin degrees out!

We've already felt the wrath of a few thunderstorms, which was nice. The gentle rolling thunder trudges in then drum roll please BAM! Lightening striking , wind howling, and rain pounding on my window. Perfect equation of a restful nights sleep.

Now just to find a house to call a home and spend the summer days playing in the yard.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Things I'll Never Do...

...Psyche! Just a quick list of life's little punch lines; Things that I said I would never do, but in fact ended up doing such things. Some I am thankful for, and some I regret but am better for.

1) Smoking-I remember that I was 4 when I puffed my first cigarette. Now don't feel pity, or say that I had bad parenting. My father smokes, and would often toss his cigarette butts in the driveway (late he would pick them up). I snuck behind out beat up old Chevy, and inhaled on a discarded butt. Disgusting. That experience, and the countless health classes in school that say "SMOKING IS BAD AND YOU WILL BE ADDICTED FOREVER AND DIE", put my off of ever trying to smoke again. Then you hit college, and in that 'experimental phase' and try everything. I'm not chronic smoker, but I do like to have a stick every now and again. Mostly just a social thing I guess.

2) Dye My Hair-Yep. I have said this time and time again. Had a girls night out (well a girls night in actually, you should try it sometime) and we all bought hair dye. It didn't take much peer pressure for me mind you, again I was in college, but I started with horrible red streaks. Since then, I dye my hair with henna. It's natural, chemical free, smells good (I think), and it's fun to do. Check it out here.

Me, being fresh, as well as showing of my terrible red streaks

3) Join a Sorority-Buying friends. Yep. That's what I thought when I was still in high school. How wrong I was. Went to college. Found an organization that I felt fit me, Zeta Tau Alpha. And pledged. Most of the girls were great. I have great memories. And have made life long friends. And think of it this way, most clubs, organizations, groups, etc, have due money. So what is the difference between girls scouts and a sorority?

Life's funny sometimes huh.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You've Got the Music in You

I stumbled upon a startling revelation today while I was updating one of the many 'About You' pages that every website that you've ever frequented have. I have stopped exploring and discovering music. For so long, I have been content with the many mixed CDs that I'm made over the years.

In high school, I would listen to the radio, or watch Fuse TV, hear a song, and rush over to Napster (when downloading music was free). If I wasn't near my ever companion computer, I'd find a piece of scratch paper and write down the song or artist, or if I didn't know either I'd write the song lyrics and do a search when I got home. I still have the first mix CD that I'd ever made. I titled it 'Concubine'. Ben Folds, Something Corporate, AFI, etc. I would be excited when I'd have the opportunity to have my friends listen to songs that I'd "discovered", and rescue them from the daily playlists that repeated on the radio.

In college, I went through the hippie phase. You know, when you start listening to Dylan, The Beatles, Janis, etc. Also, you don't shower, you buy a hookah, and read Kurt Vonnegut and 'get it.' I was into buying vinyl records and greatest hits CDs. My father loved it that him and I appreciated the same musicians, and often jammed out early morning.

Now though, I don't know what's going on! Other than what repeated on the radio over and over and over again at work, Katy Perry, Daugherty, Taylor Swift, it's enough to drive anyone crazy! (I do work and a residential therapy center...hmmm...)

I need to rediscover music. Anything good?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Back. From where I use to call home, Pennsylvania. It was a great week, filled with friends, family, and good times. The weird thing is, this is the first time that I felt that I had made a wrong decision. Maybe I was too hasty to rush to get away from home. Indiana is great, but I often find myself wondering, will this ever be home?

It was so nice to go home, and feel familiar.

Here's some quick snaps of my brothers graduation and my friends Kentucky Derby party.