Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My stress level at work has reached a new anxiety high, and I am looking for healthy, positive ways of how to cope. Too many of my co workers slip out for 5 minutes to take a drag or two. Nothing against smoking, I just want to avoid a bad habit.

I recently have been reading and researching meditation, and how to. Coincidentally, over at Firefly Creative Writing, this months lesson centered around being mindful. To immerse yourself into the moment. Especially in writing, whether it be journal, blog, literature, what have you. You not only have to 'be in the moment' when you write, but you have to take your readers to that 'moment', so that they to can experience what you're trying to impart.

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by 2days2blastoff

As I sat and attempted to meditate, here is what I saw, felt heard, in that moment.

Right now I am sitting on the old, used, yet marvelous couch. Tweed in color, and soft to the touch. The clock on the wall is ticking, being an ever constant reminder and concept of time. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. The light struggles to find its way through my printed window, and when it does, it gently lays on all that it can.

Then I continued on with my day.

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