Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kit Kats

I am in distress, my dear friends. The little feature above, my little one, Kali, is currently alone at Columbus Animal Control, waiting to get spayed. I really need her to be fixed, so that when we move into our new home, she will be able to frolic along Sonny Jim's side, outside, hunting field mice.

I have had great concern going into this decision. Kali came as a blessing to our home, in the form of a spry little stray. She is so full of energy and spunk, that I would now have it no other way. She runs up, down, left, right, sideways, backways. She's a marvel to behold. I don't want this operation to hinder that. It's who she is. It's her sparkle.

I had a terrible nights sleep. It was as if Kali knew that something was going to happen to her, and she was being extra sweet and cuddly. I woke up to her gently gnawing on my fingers. Later into the night, her vivacious purr, so loud, woke me. She was right between The Boy and I making herself a space to lay.

This morning, I picked up an old shirt that smells like The Boy. I spoke aloud my concerns again to The Boy. I started to tear up, I was so nervous for our little girl. I gathered my things, coffee, check book, keys, and a little feather for Kali for good luck, and walked out the door. Immediately, Kali's heart started to pound. She gave a great struggle, accidentally scratching me in the process. Down went my coffee, and out blew the feather. I got in the jeep after I recomposed the situation, and drove to the shelter. There, there were dogs and cats from different walks of life, and different owners. The place smelled heavily of animal. Kali was confined to the T-Shirt, and I held her close to me. How frightened she must have been. Sensory overload for such a small, little creature. The Staff at the shelter gave me a crate to put the little one in. I closed the door, and filled out paperwork. All trying not to lose it in public. Before I left, I put my fingers into her crate once more. At first she hissed. Then she saw it was me, and smashed her tiny head against my fingers affectionately.
I had to leave with that. I feel like I've abandoned her. She's all alone, going to get her guts removed. Alone. She won't see me until tomorrow at noon-thirty, prompt!

I put too much personal emphasis on my animals. I think that I make them have human compassion and mentality. I do think of my 2 cats as my children, and take care of them so.

I have only the best intentions for my kits. I hope that all goes well for my little Kali, and that she understands that I do love her, and that I didn't want to leave her by herself. I hope that she can forgive me.

I'm sure she will, once she heals, and can gallivant outside with the wilds.

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  1. i'm a huge animal lover and all my pets have been my fur-children. however, i honour their spirits best by allowing them to be fully animal. they are more resilient than us humans. :)

    i remember getting our biys (2 jack russells) fixed, aww, i missed them and wondered at their fears. but they were troopers.