Thursday, April 7, 2011

Its a Sonny kinda Day

It's a gorgeous sunny day, I know it, the birds know, and Sonny Jim Scrambles knows it. I feel bad enough that Sonny Jim is cooped up in our little townhouse all day, but when the windows are open, you can just hear the birds taunting him. He spends endless hours sitting at the windows, tail twitching, making bird calls, and desperately wanting to be outside. If it wasn't for my fear of him being 'cat napped' or made into a roadkill pizza, I'd be fine with letting him out in the suburban wild. For now, he'll just have to wait one more week until he can be set free into the Pennsylvania Wilds


Until then, Sonny Jim Scrambles will have to make do with the ol' harness and leash when going outside. It's not the best for hunting birds and angry squirrels, but at least he can grab some fresh air, green grass, and the scent of spring.

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