Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Spring in your step. Spring cleaning. Spring peepers. This, and more, is what Spring means to me. It may be my new favorite season (Fall was, and maybe still is my favorite, I haven't decided yet). Even the gentle spring rains don't get me down. And how I love to just turn off all the lights, and sit by my window during a thunderstorm. I get overly excited when I hear the season's first spring peepers low and memorizing in the night air. Too bad that I live in town for the time being. I miss those little peepers.

What's really got my in a Spring fever is looking at all the luscious blossoms and greens that are peaking out. Especially after a good rain to show the signs of Mother Nature wake. It kills me however, that I don't have a yard of my own. No garden this year. This is the first year in my 24 years of existence, that I won't be playing, helping, growing a garden. No fresh vegetables from my own soil. My hands are clean in my spare time. My skin isn't kissed by the sun. And it kills me. I have to take solitude in others outside garden creations, and find the little joys that Spring gives through nature.

I have come to a compromise though. I have brought some green love into my townhouse. A little catnip sprig, to share my love of gardening with Sonny Jim. If he's real good, I pluck a small leaf for him to roll on top of, and soon devour. I bought a small orchid that was on the sales rack at Lowes. The poor little thing is only about 6 inches tall, and has but only one blossom.

Lastly, I find myself wondering my townhouse community. When no one is looking, I pluck and snip small branches of blooming trees and flowers, and whisk them away into my home. If I can't live out in the country for the moment, why not bring the country and nature in?

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