Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring into Action

Yesterday was just such a beautiful day, that I absolutely couldn't waste it on staying inside for any of it. I did sleep in though, and it was a much needed sleep.

The boy and I drove around the many neighborhoods of Columbus looking for potential homes, and stopped in to our first Open House. Prior to this excursion, I googled 'Going to your first open house'. After reading a few articles, this is what I got from it, and put into practice:

  • Treat Open Houses as if your visiting a new friends home
  • Knock, or ring the doorbell before entering
  • Wipe your shoes on the (hopefully present) welcome mat
  • Greet the Realtor--she/he will then give you goodies and flyers about the house
  • Feel free to wander around and look, It's what your there for
  • Be nebby--look in closets and behind washer and dryers, this could possibly be your home
  • Don't be too nebby--sometimes the owners still live in the houses, so while you're checking out the linen closet, you don't have to check out their towels and soaps.
  • Compliments and Criticisms--I found it easier for me to remember homes when I said these out loud "Oh man, it has natural lighting' or "I can smell dog poop in the wind" Just don't over do your compliments and criticisms
  • Ask questions! That's why the Realtor is there
  • Be sure to thank the Realtor before you leave for their time

After about 5 houses, in 2 hours, the temperature started heating up. I could peel away my overcoat and enjoy the sun more directly. I still wore a long sleeved tee due to the Spring breeze. Still having a good portion of the day, me and the boy drove over to the State Park and did some hiking/geo caching. We bought some water and cliff bars, and brought our phones and cameras, but then had nowhere to put all this. Crafty me, I converted my sweatshirt into an over the shoulder sack. It worked wonders, and didn't get in the way of me walking. We found a little geo cache on our hike. We had nothing to trade, other than our thoughts on the day. We walked in the park for a good 2-3 hours, then decided to follow the sun and head home.

After all the good clean air, and the much need hike in nature, I fixed the boy and I a hearty meal of junk food. Chip dip, buffalo chicken wings, and philly cheese steak sliders. Mmm artificial and very non healthy goodness. Good thing this isn't a habbit!

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  1. we go to open houses often...especially while on vacation....i know weird, right :)