Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You've Got the Music in You

I stumbled upon a startling revelation today while I was updating one of the many 'About You' pages that every website that you've ever frequented have. I have stopped exploring and discovering music. For so long, I have been content with the many mixed CDs that I'm made over the years.

In high school, I would listen to the radio, or watch Fuse TV, hear a song, and rush over to Napster (when downloading music was free). If I wasn't near my ever companion computer, I'd find a piece of scratch paper and write down the song or artist, or if I didn't know either I'd write the song lyrics and do a search when I got home. I still have the first mix CD that I'd ever made. I titled it 'Concubine'. Ben Folds, Something Corporate, AFI, etc. I would be excited when I'd have the opportunity to have my friends listen to songs that I'd "discovered", and rescue them from the daily playlists that repeated on the radio.

In college, I went through the hippie phase. You know, when you start listening to Dylan, The Beatles, Janis, etc. Also, you don't shower, you buy a hookah, and read Kurt Vonnegut and 'get it.' I was into buying vinyl records and greatest hits CDs. My father loved it that him and I appreciated the same musicians, and often jammed out early morning.

Now though, I don't know what's going on! Other than what repeated on the radio over and over and over again at work, Katy Perry, Daugherty, Taylor Swift, it's enough to drive anyone crazy! (I do work and a residential therapy center...hmmm...)

I need to rediscover music. Anything good?

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