Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Absence makes the Heart GROW Fonder

For the first time, which took almost a year, my family drove from Pennsylvania to visit me.

Sorry to blurry, it was the only photo I had of my entire visiting family

That included my Mother, Father, and 83 year old Grandmother. Unfortunately, it excluded my Brother. He was not able to call off work in time. He was missed greatly.

I wanted to show my family a mixture of where I live and what I like to do. I took them to me and the Boys haunts.

I greatly appreciated the Boys patience with both myself and my family. They can be daunting at times.

My family only spent about 3 days with me. 3 precious days I had to fill with memories and moments, all of which I will cherish forever.

My family both brought and received gifts. Some where gifts of my past, of which I missed greatly. Some where gifts from my Brother, that although it didn't replace the fact that he wasn't with us, I was grateful for them. And some gifts handmade, with love and thoughtfulness.

My family took with them many memories, full stomachs, and rocks. Yes rocks. Gotta love geode hunting.

They left Monday at noon. I missed them terribly as soon as their truck was out of sight. I redded up the house, caught up on my reading, found this AWESOME GIVE AWAY over at Denise's Boho Girl.

Then I had a good cry. A cry of both love and sadness.

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