Thursday, July 28, 2011

Am I a Warrior?

My life is part of a whirlwind of change and new experiences.

As of Tuesday, I am joining the ranks of Home Owners.

I am participating in my first e-course, SouLodge, starting in August.

And I just signed up for my first physical challenge (ok second, my first was in high school triathlon, of which I did terrible). I'm attempting the Warrior Dash. It's described on the website as "3.01 hellish miles". Yikes. The course includes Mud, Fire, Barbed Wire, Water, Walls, Cargo Netting, and much, so much more. But at the end of it all, you get a free beer, and a turkey leg, while wearing the signature Warrior Dash Viking Helmet.

I'm well aware, that there will be runners, and their will be walkers. I'll be joining the walking league, maybe the jogging league, we'll see. I've talked to a few other folks competing in the race. All are doing it for fun. It's a reason for people of all ages to get a little (really a lot) dirty and to have fun.

It's like when you were in elementary school, in gym class, doing an obstacle course. Kids were so excited to get their turn at running through the course. Waiting for the P.E. teacher to blow her whistle, kids sprinted through the course, jumping over jump ropes, crawling under hurdles, climbing the coveted cargo net. Man, those were the days. And if the gym period ended before it was your turn, you were upset.

Warrior Dash, just a big kids obstacle course.

What new experiences are you diving into?


  1. Our closing is supposedly today, tho it may not finish until tomorrow... very strange, this closing process! I hope yours is smoother than ours!

    Moving is crazy enough for me right now! LOL

  2. The process was very draining, but we're finished! Now to get the keys and move in. Hope your move is going smoothly:)