Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recently, the management here at my apartment community, thought it was time to spruce up our backyards. This meant, that for a whole week, I had strange men, clamoring away at my fence. And it is due to these strange men, and all the work they were doing (in 100+ weather mind you), that my own personal 10 x 10 space now looks like a pig's pen. If only I were to have pigs...

...But before the carpenters laid their heavy boots in my "yard", I hurried and plucked most of the spearmint that I had the pleasure of meeting. Yep. Just random spearmint plants frolicking in my back space.

So now I am left with a bushel of spearmint sprigs, and am wondering what to do with all of it. I have managed to make a few Spearmint Wands. It is my hope that the wands do not mold, but rather further dry, all the while, making my small rooms smell fresh.

All you need to make your own Spearmint Wands are:


Spearmint (feel free to use any other herb that smells delicious)

Cut all the sprigs the same length

Tie one end of the bunch with your favorite color of ribbon

Lace the ribbon up.

I tried a few different ways. I wound a whole wand. I laced the ribbon up the sprigs. I weaved the ribbon in and out of the sprigs. So feel free to do as you please. Use one color ribbon, or use 3! It's really up to your imagination!

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